Subject: Re: Stupid quote!
From: Tim Wicinski <>
Date: Fri, 19 Jun 1998 09:21:10 -0400

------ "Ton Roosendaal", <> writes: 

    It just fits in the same economic system of a materialized product and a
    certain amount of money involved with it.
    Both options, buying or renting, don't answer the basic proprierty question

the problem with the buying/renting analogy is that one buys a house,
but we don't buy source code.  my girlfriend is an economist who does
market analysis on real estate markets, and she says it's not that great
an analogy.  houses are bought and the price is based on a number of
market forces (other home prices, employment level, salary levels,
population, etc).  there are also rules you follow in houses. 

we don't pay for source code unless we maintain it (and then we pay via
our own labor or contracted help), but that is not much different than 
maintaining a house. 

one could wish that houses have the same peer review that source code