Subject: Re: Take the pledge (.org)
From: peterd@Bunyip.Com (Peter Deutsch)
Date: Tue, 18 Aug 1998 15:56:28 -0400

[ You wrote: ]

> Peter Deutsch writes:
>  > an impact on the server/developer market than on the
>  > desktop market. I'd love to see this change, but right
>  > now, not many desktop machines come rebundled with Linux,
>  > or anything other than Windows9*.
> Here's the concept for (take)  Comments?  Obviously, I
> would sell the database to organizations seeking a market for Linux
> desktop applications.  Is it too early to start marketing this?  Maybe
> not, because it's existance would help bring about the reason for it's
> existance.  Recursive marketing.  :)

Hmmm, my first reaction was that this would be loved by
some, and turn others off completely. Since your product
is the database itself, which would (self-selectively) be
one of strong linux supporters so yes, it could
potentially have commercial value, although perhaps those
who support linux on "religious" grounds would object to
you making money on the database and reject your
solicitation on those grounds. It would be interesting to
see how you could get this circulated and returned with
using SPAM techniques, etc.

So, the question reduces to how much of a database could
you build and how what's the going rate for a qualified
contacts list of people who are pledged to not paying for
software. ( 1/2 ;-)

FYI, I wouldn't sign this pledge, since I'm too much of a
pragmatist and it smacks of "hating Microsoft for being
Microsoft", but you could consider having a variety of
such pledges, consider adding one in which you (the
collector) would be urged and encouraged to spread the
word on linux and granting permission to distribute my
name to relevante vendors who want to make me happy with a
linux version of their product. That I'd sign, with the
hope that vendors would see enough interest to feed me
what I want.

Commercial potential? who knows, but if it works of course
you could try other topics, other markets and find
yourself with a huge world empire based on marketing
information and qualified customer lists. And I could say
(to paraphrase "The Big Chill") I knew you when
Intellectual Property was a crime!! :-)

					- peterd

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