Subject: Re: Microsoft may publish some source code
From: Craig Brozefsky <>
Date: 18 May 1999 15:58:33 -0700

Russell Nelson <> writes:

> Yup, there are going to be future articles in IEEE Computer which are
> critical of Open Source.  I really don't understand why they would
> care.  Perhaps they think that Open Source implies massive job loss in 
> the programming industry?  That's a completely foolish idea, since
> about half of all programmers (or so I've been told) write code which
> is never distributed outside of their employer's desmenes.

Is it "The Open Source Acid Test" article by Ted Lewis, or another set
of articles?

The Ted Lewis article was really poorly researched and written, and
seemed to be either just an opinion piece by some under-educated
(about Linux and Free Software specifically) pundit who is trying to
play "straight man" against the very real over-hyping of Linux.

He mispells names, misrefers to organizations, displays a total lack
of knowledge about the organizations behind many free software
projects, and does not even understand what constitutes Linux and what
componenets go into a normal Linux distribution.

Your comment about it possibly being motivated by a erroneous
understanding that somehow IP protected shrink-wrap software is the
only type of software development that matters seems plausible to me.
Whenever I am asked to describe a Free Software Business model it is
assumed that the model is not viable or worthwhile if it is not some
analog of the shrink-wrap software business.  If I describe a service
based model, or something else which does not center on the
manufacturing of a discreet shrink-wrap product, a common response is
hand-waving about how it's not viable in the 'real world'.

But, as many on the list could confirm, shrink-wrap ain't the only
game in town.

A nice commentary on the Ted Lewis article is at:

And despite being at Slashdot, if you just read Kragen's article you
will not be overwhelmed by the c0d3 k1ddy effect.

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