Subject: Re: People only buy support for bad software ?!?
From: Ian Lance Taylor <>
Date: 3 Jun 1999 21:44:24 -0400

   Date: 3 Jun 1999 19:39:14 -0000
   From: Russell Nelson <>

   Brian Bartholomew writes:
    > > Did the Cygnus marketing department think about gratis copies?  Yes,
    > > they did.  Did they take any steps to actively prevent customers
    > > from making gratis copies?  No, they did not.
    > I simply don't find that argument convincing.

   It's not an argument.  It's evidence, based on personal experience.

    > Please don't conclude that I'm insulting your honesty.

   But you are.  Stop it.

Thanks, Russ.  Brian's comment seemed pretty contradictory to me too.
I'm glad to see that somebody else sees that, and that I didn't
somehow completely fail to communicate.