Subject: Re: EROS license
From: Ian Lance Taylor <>
Date: 28 Jun 1999 12:23:48 -0400

   Date: Mon, 28 Jun 1999 10:27:26 -0400

   As someone who wants to use a dual use license, I have a liability exposure.
   Suppose you send me a patch or a fix or a major new function that I already have
   written internally. I intended to release my version under dual use.
   Unfortunately your submission creates the appearance that I took your (open)
   code and rendered it proprietary.  Even more unfortunate, the courts are not
   very sophisticated about such things.

   Can anyone suggest a practical solution that won't have me in court every time
   somebody in the open software community feels like it?

I don't see anything new about this, nor any need to worry about the
sophistication of the courts.  Publishers and authors face these
issues regularly, when somebody claims ``that book is clearly based on
the one I submitted to you two years ago.''