Subject: Re: Lehman Report, Software patents, and more
From: Humberto Ortiz Zuazaga <>
Date: Fri, 26 Aug 1994 07:35:07 -0400

>>>>> "LPD" == L Peter Deutsch <> writes:

    LPD> On a related topic, if there is some kind of moral right for
    LPD> software, once created, to be freely available to everyone
    LPD> modulo production costs, why does that right not apply to the
    LPD> documentation?

I think there is, many of the GNU manuals and LDP books are
copylefted.  That doesn't stop companies (even O'Reily) from selling
the books.  I think many are selling the services of printing,
binding, and typesetting (and compilation, like the Linux Bible).

Humberto Ortiz Zuazaga