Subject: Re: The merger: a user's perspective
From: "M.J.M. Stahl" <>
Date: Mon, 15 Nov 1999 15:50:34 -0500

I am rather new to the world of open source and even more so the business
model in which revenue is generated by 'free' software. As I have seen
throughout my limited experience within the community, many are jaded by
those conquering juggarnauts that are large corporations, but I don't see
this merger as a completely bad move on either Red Hat's or Cygnus' part.
There are pros and cons to both ends of the aurguments as in any situation
and only time (not be cliched) will tell if this merger is beneficial or

Though I do have to say, that the merger provides a closer working
enviorment for the open source talent at both Red Hat and Cygnus. And in
all honesty I think the biggest problem and its greatest weakness within
the open source community is the diversity and lack of market drive and
corporate support (in the sense of companies offering products and direct
advertising). This merger may provide a larger machine in which to drive
Linux and other open source software to the level within the software
market that it needs to be. Without companies like both Red Hat as well as
Cygnus we wouldn't have as strong a voice within the OS market, and this
unity may provide the added boost for both direct marketing and quality

Mark J. Stahl