Subject: Re: Who holds the copyright? (was Re: The merger: a user's perspective)
From: "Bradley M. Kuhn" <>
Date: Wed, 17 Nov 1999 23:26:12 -0500

Russell Nelson wrote:
> Bradley M. Kuhn writes:
>  > This is worse case scenario, of course.  I am not saying it is *going* to
>  > happen, just that it *could*, and is more likely than before.
> And you could get hit by a meteorite tomorrow.  It's more likely than
> ever in the last 32 years.  Start worrying now, avoid the rush!!  Sheesh!

This is a silly argument.  Things *are* changing in the free software world
if free software businesses start gobbling each other up.

This is something to be concerned about.
>  > > Not perfectly easy, but Stan covered that by mentioning a lag.
>  > 
>  > There is no guarantee nor requirement that they ever release the software as
>  > free again if they hold the copyright.
> Right.  That's why you insist on an OSI Certified Open Source license.
> It's like source escrow without all the legal hassles.

But, of course, only that version remains free.

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