Subject: Re: Sun to free Solaris.
From: "D.V. Henkel-Wallace" <>
Date: Tue, 01 Feb 2000 13:18:00 -0800

At 11:00 27-01-00 +0900, Stephen J. Turnbull wrote:
> >>>>> "g" == D V Henkel-Wallace <> writes:
>     g> At 12:14 26-01-00 -0800, wrote:
>     >> So is Apache an instance of project forking in part based on
>     >> licensing terms?  I'd been looking for instances of this
>     >> previously, and had come up only with the Qt project.  What
>     >> were the NCSA webserver licensing terms like?
>     g> And Emacs...
>Hm?  Are you talking about Lucid?
>That's not the way I read the history.  AFAIK all of Lucid Emacs was
>always GPL.  The Lucid people have always been more catholic about
>allowing non-GPL-related stuff (eg, XEmacs was considering a revision
>of the remote file access syntax to allow ssh-based access methods,
>but rms refused because of the licensing terms of ssh, and the
>movement fizzled AFAIK), and maybe even non-GPL Emacs Lisp, into their
>overall distribution.  But that split was over functionality and
>project control (eg, the FSF assignment, although again AFAIK Lucid
>always assigned their stuff though Sun did not) as far as I can tell
>from participant accounts and flamewar archives.

I was talking specifically about Xemacs, which if I remember used MOTIF.  I 
have been on many occasions unhappy with RMS's rigidity on licensing 
(hence, in part, the library license).  But upon reflection he's been right 
-- even the library license I consider a failure.  Only on Xemacs would I 
consider that he might have been wrong.

Note that for egcs we didn't deviate from his policies.

BTW I consider the opportunities for forking to be a priori healthy. Too 
much is of course dangerous (look at Unix), but it's hard to make a rigid 
definition of what constitutes "too much".

fsb content: forking offers a good opportunity for FSBs to compete.  To 
some degree this is what the distro vendors are doing, though fortunately 
it doesn't appear to be anyone's primary strategy.  Hopefully the market 
will correct bogus forks.