Subject: Re: Linux accounting software
From: <>
Date: Fri, 11 Feb 2000 07:39:03 -0500 (EST)

I don't know of anything solid coming from them yet, but the FSF has
started a GNUE (GNU Enterprise) project.  There goal at this point (iirc)
is to survey what's out there, and sketch out a plan to gather, enhance,
and (where needed) produce the components for a full blown business
software suite.

The FSF has not always produced in the most timelymanner, but it may be a
good place to start.  


On 11 Feb 2000, Kirrily 'Skud' Robert wrote:

> I'm seeking comments/anecdotes/etc on the topic of accounting software
> for Linux.
> I know that it's a perennial topic on most of the LUG mailing lists I'm
> on, and I would imagine that it's similarly popular elsewhere.
> Have you heard people bitching about the lack of accounting software for
> Linux?  Do you know of any good accounting software for Linux?  Have you
> heard any news of Windows-type software being ported? And so on.  I'm 
> thinking particularly of the small business type of software equivalent 
> to Quicken etc.
> Yes, I've poked through all the usual places and come up with a short
> list of software, including Gnucash and some others, so no need to point
> me at those web pages :)
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