Subject: Re: Proprietary but flexible licenses.
From: Adam Theo <>
Date: Mon, 7 May 2001 20:07:01 -0400

thank you everyone, mr cowan, mr turner, and mr self.

i apologize about my thread being off-topic, now that i know for sure.

and thanks for the input, i'm looking into the SCSL and Microsoft's
Shared Source initiatives, although i don't know how much i'll like
from them and use.

i've considered releasing these programs under an open source license 
such as GPL, MPL, or the BSD license, but decided not to for these. i
do plan on future projects which i will certainly release under an
open source license (i am a jabber instant messenger user, and plan on
an email-to-jabber gateway project, which i want to be open source).

can anyone direct me to a recommended list (or any discussion) on
general software license/copyright issues? i would like to listen in
on topics like that. also, anyone have any preferred websites for
learning copyright and licensing issues? thank you.

i also managed to get emacs to word wrap at column 72, something i've
never bothered to do until now. thanks, and sorry, mr self.

i will be listening in on this list, and pop back up in a while when i
need to decide what open source license everyone thinks i should use
for that email-to-jabber gateway. thank you.
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