Subject: Re: ESR
From: Christian Robottom Reis <>
Date: Mon, 22 Oct 2001 15:56:03 -0200 (BRST)

On Sun, 21 Oct 2001, Jonathan S. Shapiro wrote:

> However, it is difficult to talk about "open source engineering practices"
> when there isn't any single position. One might talk about "engineering
> practices of the core linux team" or "engineering practices of the GCC team"
> or "engineering practices of the EROS project" and get radically different
> statements and viewpoints. The first is variable depending on the sub-group.

Leave not Mozilla out. It is by far the most evolved process we've seen
created for an OSS project, and the community is very large and very
disciplined. Why not use it as a positive reference? [Perhaps because it
hasn't shipped yet a 1.0. Patience.]

> It is very difficult for ESR to speak of something that does not exist in
> any coherent way.

And that's Tom's point.

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