Subject: Re: Giving Richard His Due
From: "Tony Stanco" <>
Date: Thu, 14 Feb 2002 05:38:21 -0500

>From: Kragen Sitaker <>
>... and, as previous discussion on fsb has amply demonstrated,
>you have no clue about the realities of running a free software
>business or a large organization.

I'll continue to trust my logic and let the world decide whether or not I
have a clue, rather than the self-appointed people on this list. We will
probably know sometime this year. If I am wrong, I will admit and concede
it. If I am right, I hope those who attacked my ideas here on three separate
occasions can do the same. There is no use arguing it out again with words.
It's time for deeds. The sides are clearly drawn and a fair test of my ideas
is in the works. The success or failure of that test will decide who is

>You are arrogant, hypocritical, ethnocentric, unbelievably ignorant,
>and unskilled at writing, and I predict that any free software
>organization that fails to sufficiently distance itself from you will
>be destroyed as a result.
>Please understand that I do not want to hurt your feelings and wish
>there was another way; I would not be sending such an insensitive and
>offensive email if I did not think the danger you posed was serious.

Gee, I wonder what more you could have written if you were trying to hurt my

I know you don't intend it, but I am rather flattered that you think I can
do that much damage. It reveals that the ideas have a lot of TNT. The only
difference between us then is that I think they will blow up proprietary.
You think Free Software. Again, we should know shortly.