Subject: Re: Meeting the MS challenge
From: Michael Tiemann <>
Date: Tue, 02 Dec 1997 22:28:25 -0800

    Are there other people reading this list who have put >1000 hours into free
    software development (1000 hours = 6 months full-time)?  How do you feel
    about the value you've gotten back in freed software that you use?

I've easily put that much time into free software development.  I'd
estimate that I put in about 4000-5000 hours of development on G++, GCC,
GDB, and some other free software before largely moving out of
development and into sales and business development.

It's too soon to tell how the rewards for starting Cygnus will compare
with the rewards that other, more conventional entrepreneurs have
enjoyed, but I would say that it's been our own execution, not the
model, that's been our limiting factor.