Subject: Re: developers & marketing
From: Steven Work <>
Date: Thu, 04 Dec 1997 12:26:53 -0800

Brian Bartholomew wrote:
> > I'd like to argue with your example: I know Roland from other
> > products, I've never heard of MAXNC.  I'd answer "Roland" to both
> > your questions, but that answer has very little to do with the Web
> > page marketing.
> That's not arguing, that's agreeing.  Yes, the Roland product is much
> more like to survive, even though the maxnc appears to be a much
> better machine.

I emphatically do NOT agree with your contention (implied?  Did I get it
wrong?) that the reason the Roland machine is more likely to survive is
that the snazziness of its marketing is higher than that of the MAXNC

I was perhaps unclear.  Roland has built a reputation for building
"pretty good" equipment at a "pretty good" price.  I'm aware of that
reputation and I've seen it confirmed over many years (mostly music
products).  I might reasonably expect these reputed qualities would
carry over to this CNC equipment.  This expectation has nothing at all
to do with the marketing of either the CNC equipment now or the music
equipment in the past, beyond the "list of features/specifications" for
each.  It is mostly a consequence of my own experiences with other
Roland equipment and conversations with others about their experiences.

I don't know MAXNC from Lichtenstein.  I'd still be likely to
investigate their product before Roland's, based on the information on
the "cruddy" (your word, or mine?) Web page -- if the information is
accurate, it will do everything the Roland box will do and much more. 
My response would be a result of the information in the respective
marketing tools, and have approximately nothing to do with snazziness or
presentation.  (This argument is off if the marketing tools leave out
essential information.  In my experience, snazzier marketing tools are
less likely to expose detailed information than more naive ones --
perhaps because the marketing people don't really understand their
product -- or even feel they need to understand it to hawk it.)

I wouldn't buy either tool until I had established that their computer
interface was fully documented....

Steven Work
Renaissance Labs