Subject: Re: A software marketplace
From: Adam Theo <>
Date: Thu, 09 Jan 2003 08:55:48 -0500

Hi, Russel and all.

I'd just liuke to point you to the Ransom Model project, which is 
developing a model for developers to use that allows them to fund their 
own projects. It is similar to the Street Performer Protocol, except 
software already exists, makes money for the developer, and *then* is 
released in the free license, instead of the money being raised *before* 
the software exists and is promoted as with the SPP. This is done to 
ease promotion. I believe people are much more willing to pay for 
software if something already exists which they can test with or even 
use in a production environment.

Ransom was first developed on this list about 2 years ago, in fact. So 
it's an offspring :-)

Russell Nelson wrote:
> Click on this URL to check the validity of
> Y'all might know that I'm the President of the Public Software Fund.
> Our purpose in life is to recognize (with a tax deduction) the
> public-spirited nature of people who pay for the development of public
> software.  It may be that all of our donors can afford to fund a whole
> project.  Or maybe not?  Once we made that decision, we needed a
> marketplace.
> I'm going to use a variant of the Street Performer's Protocol[1] to
> gather together funding to pay for projects.  The software is
> currently in beta test.  Perhaps FSB'ers would like to help me test
> it? gets you to the (new) home page.
> Thanks in advance.
> [1]

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