Subject: re[4]: Open Source Developer Exchange
From: Rich Persaud <>
Date: Sat, 01 Mar 2003 00:46:52 -0800

 Sat, 01 Mar 2003 00:46:52 -0800
|  > It's worth looking at the HR-XML Background Check spec:
|  > 20030226 BackgroundCheck.cfm
|  Or not.

On content, I agree, but ... in the absence of an OSS/FSB 
alternative, FSBs will be force-fed HR-XML upon implementation
by every HRMS (PeopleSoft, SAP, etc).  The standard fiscal 
incentive, insurance premiums, will ensure wide implementation.

The spec made it all the way to 2.0 without OSS representation.

Is this what FSB free agents want?

A technically possible but currently unlikely alternative is the 
"Universal Talent Record".  FSB list members have other visions
.. but no representation at HR-XML, do they?  These standards will 
not be avoidable by choosing a different payroll services vendor.$654

|  2) developing small projects that somebody wants to pay for, but
|  doesn't know how to find a vendor for, and

Monster, HotJobs & BEA's dev2dev contributed to that spec.  
You can bet it does not undermine their business models.  If 
HR-XML authors are going to benefit from the rhetoric of 
"open standards", it would be nice if they included some
priorities of the open-source and FSB communities.

Is Fast Company still around? They should have reps on that 
committee, unless they are content to sell free-agent pr0n, 
skipping the boring work of developing free-agent-supportive 
labor policy.

If HR-XML won't accept OSS/FSB community input, the OSS 
community can spec their own standard for talent procurement,
along with the software to implement that standard.

More: 20030211 board.cfm