Subject: Re: Tim's paradigm shift
From: Jamie Lokier <>
Date: Sat, 10 Jul 2004 21:54:20 +0100

Tim O'Reilly wrote:
> But there may be other databases where this is NOT true  
> -- location data, for instance, or identity, or RFID.  All of these  
> should be very high on the radar of open source developers.

I'd add maps and travel data to that list.  They are things would
could really benefit from a good collaborative data gathering
processes -- and collaborative unification of different data sources.

Right now if I want to find a cheap way to travel from town A to town
B, in any country where I've needed that I have yet to find a service,
commercial or not, which will search all the available transports and
routes.  Even knowing the best sites, best airlines, best coach
operators, best places for deals, it takes hours to find a good deal
with a good route.  Anyone wanting to offer that kind of service has a
considerable barrier of costs and accesses to data, to the extent that
it hasn't happened yet.  Probably some of the data isn't even in
databases yet -- such as times to walk from one part of a town to
another, or local taxi costs.

If transport databases (i.e. taxis, buses, coaches, planes, trains,
ferries and anything else) tended to be openly published, then I'm
sure there'd be open source _and_ commercial services providing
exactly what I need by now.

-- Jamie