Subject: Articles about how to ensure sustainable quality and availibility?
From: Jan-Oliver Wagner <>
Date: Mon, 27 Mar 2006 16:56:28 +0200


I wonder whether there has been published any article or alike about
how to ensure sustainable quality and availibility of Free Software
products for professional use from the customers perspective.

I am following Free Software business theories for over 6 years now.
So far I see only articles about measures how to select
a product. Good measures take into account there is some sort
of viable IT industry behind.

But there seems to be noone focussing on how to ensure
the quality and longevity of products from the customer

If you step away from just Free Software there are some
therory about how to ensure to have good suppliers on a long-term
basis. This is perhaps because in other businesses usually
a product is directly bound to a vendor and thus the vendor,
not the product is focussed. However, this does not really
apply to Free Software business.

Of course many Free Software companies practice measures to
give customers a product with a vendor-independent sustainable
and quality-assured background.
Also there are people (like myself) giving presentations to customers
or at exhibitions on this subject.

But I am lacking any in-depth, more scientific analysis of this topic.

Does anyone here perhaps have some links?
(note that, etc. IMHO do not
give an answer to my question)

All the best

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