Subject: Re: Free Netscape and the Press ...
From: (David Fickes)
Date: Wed, 28 Jan 1998 15:52:44 -0800 (PST)

Both and are incredibly ineffective organizations
when it comes to this type of PR. LI simply because its impressive
board of directors doesn't have the time or ability to get much
moving since everyone is too busy. is in the situation of
being "pure players" with a certain philosophy that precludes
them from really pushing the PR side very hard. I will note that
the FSF did manage to appear in Boston Globe article.

What I am proposing is a service to journalists that would 
function as a resource site for those backgrounders and 
"intelligent" commentary that is always needed when an announcement
like this breaks. It has to be broad ranging enough to be able to
cover enough territory and it also has to be effective (ie. they
should be able to get someone to call them back in a matter of
a few hours).

John Gilmore has quite an impressive clip file because he is
well known, reasonable and responsive to journalists inquiries.

Incidentally, this originally was kicked around here as a 
add-on site to promote book authors (and the books our clients
publish by extension). Since most book authors actually know
what they are talking about .. they should be good resouces
as well. I thought a similar model might bring the free software
business community above the murky waters when the press 
needs some help and doesn't have time to find it.


> On Sat, 24 Jan 1998 wrote:
> > Its pretty clear that most journalists in the market don't have
> > decent sources for commentary and bring out the same dead horses
> > to discuss this type of stuff. I believe its time for a press
> > registry of "free" resources, press contacts and whatnot. Any
> > volunteers?
> Good idea - something like that would be useful, but how would this 
> differ from the roles
> of and It reminds me of that paper posted here last week
> ( and its suggestion of organizing a
> "real" to handle, among other things, this kind of press-related
> info. As well as publicity. Is it time to seriously consider the creation of
> such an organization to further not only the fs movement, but fs-related
> businesses as well?

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