Subject: Re: It's Still Free Software
From: Braddock Gaskill <>
Date: Mon, 16 Feb 1998 23:44:15 -0800

>                  It's Still Free Software

Regarding this debate I have one brief argument to add.

The "OpenSource" term, as RMS says, only implies availability of source
code.  Making that source "Free" is a second battle.

However, I would argue that getting the source available in the first
place is the more important part of the battle.  At the very least, it
ensures that when the software enters the public domain, in 50 years or
sooner, that it, like the majority of human literature, WILL be Free. 
Currently we do not even have that guarantee.

In a more anachronistic tone, getting the source available takes away
all realistic barriers to free redistribution.  The only thing keeping
it from being Free is the respect we have for the laws of our
governments (or their policing forces), or the fear of lawsuit from a
company (which may soon be out of business).  Governments, laws, and
companies are all transitory, and typically don't even last a human
generation.  Of course, we probably don't want to make these sorts of
views TOO public to our corporate friends... :)

	Braddock Gaskill
	(410) 467-3888