Subject: RE: Larry Augustin on US vs European OSS focus
From: "Larry Augustin" <>
Date: Thu, 25 Sep 2008 08:32:56 -0400

 Thu, 25 Sep 2008 08:32:56 -0400
Said Federico Lucifredi (
> ... 
> It summarizes the different standpoints fairly well. Unexpected the EU
> view about dual licensing in the EU case, at least from my
> of the market (and given that Trolltech so successfully championed
> model from Norway), but the rest was what I would have expected to

Several people have expressed that same opinion, given not just
TrollTech but also MySQL as an early dual-license model company and
originally a European-based company.

My feeling is that a business where the code is 100% open source but the
company sells as one of its products alternate licenses (as an option)
would be accepted as open source in Europe.  The idea being that a
user/customer can get the full functionality from the open source
version.  The alternate license in that case just being an option for
customers who are not comfortable with the open source license for some

The biggest contrast seems to be with the common business model in the
US of offering additional functionality that is not open source along
with the alternative license.  Many of the European customers and
vendors present at OSTT clearly felt that was not a widely accepted
model in Europe.