Subject: Re: Certification service
From: Bob Weiner <>
Date: Thu, 23 Apr 1998 14:48:25 -0700

>>>>> "SG" == Scott Goehring <> writes:

   SG> Right now we're more concerned about getting 1.0 finished and getting

You didn't even say what software you were talking about.  I believe it
is the Gimp, which is an image processing program.  Clear communication
is a great way to show how strong your mind really is.  Make the effort
and you will find success much easier.

   SG> the CD we're publishing ready.  I seem to be spending more time on
   SG> financial and adminstrative crap than on code.)

Sad to say, but this is why they call it bus-i-ness.  Publishing software
has little to do with software development and everything to do with
effective marketing and operations.  Free software businesses often
seem to remain small in part because strong technical people with no
particular business sense who may start the businesses fail to ally
themselves with strong business people.  Jobs and Wozniak of Apple fame
are a good example of the complementary skill it took to make Apple
an early success.

   SG> BTW, anyone with any experience with credit cards?

Yes, but I hesitate to discuss it with someone who doesn't use his company
domain and chose to use `poverty' as his machine name.  Banks expect a
professional image, so now is the time to start.  I don't mean to be
negative; I think you can see the point.