Subject: Re: GPL and trademarks and brandnames...
From: Eyler <>
Date: Mon, 9 Nov 1998 07:14:51 -0800 (PST)

I don't know if I'm a normal Red Hat Buyer or not, but I bought a
4.X copy for personal use (I was tired of downloading distros over
my home modem].

Later I bought a 5.0 for the company I work for.  I have since bought a
copy of 5.1 and will by a copy of 5.2, etc.  I do this for a couple of

It makes my management more secure to have a box and a piece of plastic
floating around.

It's a lot faster to install a new box from CD than from NFS or FTP, and
I'm lazy enough not to download the whole distro and set up my own CD.

It helps support Red Hat.  I feel like I can contribute by spending
money on their product.

BTW, although I buy just 1 copy, we currently have about a dozen linux
boxes doing a variety of 'real' work.  So I guess I'm not contributing
as fully as I could.  :)


On Mon, 9 Nov 1998, Kragen wrote:

[ellided bits about knock off RedHat CDs]
> I have often wondered about this.
> Perhaps most of Red Hat's customers are first-time Linuxers?  That
> would explain the high first-time-unix-user rate described in "Sizing
> the Linux Market".
> I'm curious what fraction of Red Hat's 4.x buyers bought from Red Hat
> for 5.x.
> Kragen
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