Subject: Re: Reasons why being proprietary hurts you more than it helps
From: Bob Weiner <>
Date: 01 Jun 1998 13:18:20 -0700

>>>>> "RN" == Russell Nelson <> writes:

   RN> Bob Weiner writes:
   >> On this basis, I really can't understand the genesis of Russ'
   >> comments as a general statement about businesses.

   RN> My apologies, Bob.  I wrote that for a specific audience which I
   RN> failed to identify -- manufacturers of proprietary hardware.  Obviously I
   RN> need to repair that defect.  But with that in mind, could you re-read?

Yes, the article intimates at such in various passages but also makes many
general references.  I would suggest you tighten in up by explaining the
specific targets of your comments up front, eliminating the generic
statements and being very clear about which intellectual property elements
you think should be made non-proprietary: drivers only, all software released
by hardware makers, hardware designs, or all design and implementation
information.  I would agree that open drivers may very well hope to spawn
broader business for proprietary hardware makers.