Subject: Re: Caldera
From: Phil Hughes <>
Date: Fri, 28 Apr 1995 23:51:04 -0800 (PDT)

> I wanted to make sure that everyone on this list knows about what
> Caldera is doing with Linux.  They're using a vanilla Linux
> distribution (Red Hat), and adding proprietary software on top of it.
> There's more information available on <>.

I am pretty excited about what they are doing. While people like InfoMagic
offer a very reasonably priced "here is all of Linux" CD set, Caldera has
the potential of appealing to people who just want to run applications and
don't really care (or even know) what an operating system is.  Their
initial deal ($30 for the whole thing, I think) is a real interesting
place to start.  Even at their non-beta price of $100 it has a lot of

Note that there is an article on Caldera in the next issue of Linux
Journal (as well as a Caldera ad).  I also know they are putting a lot of
effort into promoting Linux as a "real system".

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