Subject: Re: The merger: a user's perspective
From: "Bradley M. Kuhn" <>
Date: Wed, 17 Nov 1999 10:32:51 -0500

Tim O'Reilly wrote:
> Bravo, Bob!  Anyone who has run a successful business understands the
> principle that Bob has laid out here.  Unfortunately, a lot of people
> who haven't done that are still willing to comment.

Do you mean here that those of us who have never started our own company
have no authority whatsoever which to comment?

By this argument, my telling my younger brother he should never try heroin
isn't valid, since I've never done it and don't have any authority to

> Like anything else, a business can be misused.  But businesses can also be
> incredibly powerful tools for doing good.  I like to think that the Ben &
> Jerry's slogan: "doing well by doing good" can apply here as well.

I sure hope it does.  It just seems to me too early for us to see the
precious few companies that have any (even partial) corporate dedication to
freedom merging right now.

I saw I quote in the CNet article (linked from slashdot) that seemed to
indicate that there *might* be lay-offs (it didn't say for sure either way,
but the hint seemed there).  There are precious few free software jobs
already.  I realize that if Cygnus were in financial trouble, an acquisition
and a partial cut-back would make sense, but my impression was that Cygnus
was *not* in such a stance.  Was it?
> I remain optimistic that, as Bob says, the merger will let them do a
> better job of serving their customers, and indirectly, anyone who cares
> about the use of free software.

For the sake of our community, I hope you are right, and I am simply being
overly paranoid.  Only time will tell for sure.

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