Subject: What we're up to, was Re: forking the list considered harmful (was Re: free software vs. open
From: (Kirrily 'Skud' Robert)
Date: 26 Nov 1999 00:41:46 GMT

Tim O'Reilly wrote:
>Maybe some more pro-active moderation and seeding of discussion would
>help.  I'd love just to see more presentations on the list of what
>people are doing, and how they are using/not using free software in
>their business. 

Well, here's one for y'all...

We're working on a Zope-based project management system, with core
developers drawn from our own company but with open mailing lists and
contributors from outside.  This will be released under an open source
license, and we'll be making our money off support and consulting.

But in order to ramp up our development effort, we need funding.  We've
identified a number of businesses in our local area who need a system
like this one, and we're approaching them for sponsorship.  The deal we
are working on is that if they sponsor us to the tune of $10,000
(Australian) they get 1 year's support (worth $2,500); $2,500 worth of
consulting for specialised add-ons, installation, training, or whatever;
and the other $5,000 goes into the overall development effort.  Larger
or smaller sponsorships will have the same proportional breakdown.

Anyone else done anything similar to this?  Any advice or comments?


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