Subject: the value chain
From: Jean Camp <>
Date: Thu, 9 Dec 1999 10:54:43 -0500

I have had this thought several times so it must be either a recurring
nightmare or something of reason.

Perhaps value is moving up the stack. From physical (the phone co, the
telegraph wires) all the way up to services (which would be above

At the turn of the century and into the fifties the values were in the
wires. One big monopoly charged for the wires. It was the natural choke

Then value was in the big hardware. Altho this may be hard to argue because
IBM was combining everything service, s/w, h/w into one big IBM price.

Then the value in the eighties was in the little boxes.

Then the value was in the the O/S on the little boxes.

Now many argue that the value is in the Apps.

The OS/FS companies argue (explicitly stated or implictly in business plan)
that the value is in the service.  Which would be the next step natually
after apps.

This would, nicely enough, argue for the long term success of OS/FS.