Subject: Interesting business morality statement
From: <>
Date: Fri, 17 Dec 1999 00:01:21 -0800

The following statement was an extremely interesting statemnt of the
underlying morality of free software, as expressed by one member of the
community.  I'm paraphrasing, so the quote may not be fully accurate:

   No member of the open source community shall take unfair advantage of
   any other member of the open source community.

Some may recongize the statement, it's based on Cal Tech's honor system
(  The statement was
made by David Shields, of IBM, at Wednesday night's NYLUG meeting.
David is the person who sold the idea of an open source Jikes to IBM.

It's a very interesting statement, I'm still thinking it over.  It's not
something I'd come up with previosly.  I find it extremely interesting
that this sentiment emerged from a Fortune 10 company.

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