Subject: Re: Proprietary but flexible licenses.
From: Dave Turner <>
Date: Mon, 07 May 2001 15:48:27 -0400

Why don't you ask instead on unfree-software-business?  You're not
really talking about any sort of freedom at all.

You could always talk to a lawyer, who would be able to give you useful
advice... wrote:
> Hello, all. My name is Adam Theo and up until now I've been a lurker. But now have
a question (sorry, don't know enough about the current threads to comment on them).
> My question involves software licenses, since I have recently developed a couple of
programs and am looking to release them. I must say that while i respect and understand
the concept of open source and free software, and prefer it in many circumstances (in
the case of wannabe-standards and individuals who don't mind not having control over
their works). For the programs I have made, I am looking for a license that recognizes
the ownership and control of the developer (like traditional proprietary licenses),
yet allows the end user and third party developers access to the source code for evaluation
and development purposes. I want to still allow the end user to look at the source code,
and even build directly from it, so to know exactly what they are getting, that the
code does not contain trapdoors, bugs or security holes, or sends personal information
back to the developer. I also believe that third party developers should be able to
build add-ons and patches (for feature !
> enhancements or bug fixes) to this program, even releasing these add-ons under their
own license and even being able to charge for them.
> So my question is simply, does anyone know of anything like this already out there?
Wjat do you know about it? thank you.
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