Subject: Re: ESR
From: "Federico Lucifredi" <>
Date: Sun, 21 Oct 2001 22:28:01 -0400

> Otherwise, he's just helping to market MSFT's next generation
> "security wizards" while setting up Linux's reputation as
> the stable and secure alternative for a big fall.

I think you underestimate Linux and overestimate the risks. The code is
open, and therefore any "big" fault should be found out fairly quickly
before it is mass-adopetd (conversely, in the Microsft world, such big
faults are often discovered after commercial release and large adoption.
Think of the "remote root" on the internet printer driver - it should have
been discovered way before win2k made it to golden master).

And, in any case, Linux comes with a big disclaimer that says "you got to
know what you are doing". Windows doesn't and (unfortunately) it does not
live up to its promise. Under *nix, the blame is most often with the
administrator - Microsoft just realized that an is trying to dump the burden
in a similar way - unfortunately, in a way unsubstantiated by those little
things called facts.

Without going into the ESR matter, I have to say that the community owes him
a lot. Everybody is so busy hacking at code or making money that there is no
one speaking (or they are speaking, but the main point is $$$). I wish there
more "Eric Raymond"s of privacy issues, of Internet policy and of several
topics. Technologists and scientists are often not enough vocal on what the
of the technology they were involved in creating should be.

Just my 2 (three =) cents - Federico