Subject: Re: Meeting the MS challenge
From: "L. Peter Deutsch" <>
Date: Mon, 1 Dec 97 06:43 PST

>	It's not like building a development community around building
> a free clone of a complex operating systems is unprecedented.

The specs for Unix were not (1) changing (usually growing by leaps and
bounds) every year, (2) deliberately poorly documented, (3) proprietary and
expensive, and (4) based on source code that is guarded like the gold in
Fort Knox.  Is there someone reading this list who actually works on Twinux
who can comment on these issues?

I would also point out (going back to some earlier comments) that Linus
personally maintains architectural review and control of Linux.  Linux was
not developed on the Apache model, and it appears that none of the Windows
emulators are being developed that way either, so their success depends
critically on the quality of the person or small group managing the
architecture.  Is this important?  If it is, how can we create the process /
incentives to change it?


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