Subject: RE: The Pledge model -- K5 generates 6 mos income in three days
From: "Morhous, John" <>
Date: Tue, 25 Jun 2002 18:57:33 -0400

>===== Original Message From Simon Cozens <> =====
>Karsten M. Self:
>> Interesting addition to the modes of "how do I support my free software
>> project".
>Perl appears to be moving towards a pledge model, and got sponsorship for
>Damian Conway last year through community donations. I'm not sure it's a
>viable long-term strategy for FSBs or FS projects, as the cash appears to be
>harder to come by this year, and I suspect that next year around people will
>get tired of being hit upon for cash. We'll see.

Also keep in mind that the pledge model K5 is using has the simple goal of 
paying administrator salary, and is not being used to pay for infrastructure 
(as it is provided to them at zero-cost).

This is definately not the norm, and for heavy resource (servers, bandwidth, 
floorspace, etc) using sites like K5, the _monthly_ cost to procure and keep 
the equipment running is probably higher than all the money they will be able 
to raise with this initiative.