Subject: Re: up2date
From: Ralph Corderoy <>
Date: Mon, 28 Oct 2002 09:48:07 +0000

Hi Tom,

> > Clearly if you obtain a GPL RPM using RHN, Red Hat will not prevent
> > you from redistributing it.  However, it does seem, based on the RHN
> > license, that if you make a habit of using RHN to fetch RPMs and
> > redistributing them to others, Red Hat would be entitled to cancel
> > your RHN service.  I don't see a GPL violation here--they don't
> > restrict you from redistribution, they just don't go the extra mile
> > to help you out.
> I see a clear GPL violation.  up2date is a mechanism of distribution.
> The threat of cancelling your subscription is a restriction on
> redistribution, prohibited by the GPL.

up2date(1) is one means of obtaining the files from Red Hat.  Another,
and one which I use since up2date doesn't have a `resume downloading
from where you left off' option, useful for a 33.6K dial-up connection,
is to just FTP the *exact same files* off RH's site.

So them withdrawing one means of distribution but leaving others doesn't
suggest a GPL violation to me.