Subject: Re: Intro and question
From: (David N. Welton)
Date: 28 Feb 2003 09:57:48 -0800

Faber Fedor <> writes:

[ +1 on the practical discussions - I feel fortunate to be able to
listen in on these conversations! ]

> > Cygnus was a bootstrap (well, we each put in $2K and leant the
> > company an additional 3, plus it got free rent and a pay-over-time
> > sparcstation (serial #2, I believe).  So yes it can be done.

> Good.  That's the kind of stuff I want/need to hear.

I think for many people doing consulting, the difficult step must
really be going from 1 person to 2 or more.  That in and of itself
seems like it must involve most of the same skills as 2+.

So how to go about it?  Go in with a few other people and start off as
more than 2?

How to find, or transition existing clients that are willing to work
with you not as you but some sort of 'organization'?

> > So: why do you want to grow?

> I think that's the first time I thought about that question. :-) I
> would say the reasons are four-fold:

>     - to provide clients with cheap effective computer technology
>     - to provide jobs for all the wonderful techies I see about
>     - it will be my contribution to the community
>     - to have a source of revenue generation other than myself

- I want an exit strategy for 'some day down the road'.  I don't think
  working as a lone-wolf is going to cut it when I'm older.  I guess
  that strategy could also be "get hired by a company".

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