Subject: Re: Cygnus and proprietary software
Date: Mon, 22 Dec 1997 14:02:04 -0500 (EST)

>Someone mentioned Cygnus was building a GUI code/makefile browser.

>That sounds pretty neat and might handily address the desire for a GUI
>debugger that ghost had.  Good GUI-based programming tools are
>generally not available in the free software world.  Can I get a copy
>of this tool for ftp prices?

No.  It's not released yet, but, even when it is, it probably will not
be freely redistributable, and it certainly won't be available for FTP
from Cygnus.  These choices could change at a later date, and could
even change before it is released.  (I am basing this information on
what I read on the web page, not on any Cygnus internal knowledge.)

>The entire Cygnus lineup is not up for ftp.  I believe it used to be.

No, it never was.

Cygnus used to work only with libre software, and still mainly works
with it.  Cygnus changes changes to libre software are always offered
back to the appropriate maintainers (sooner or later, but normally
sooner).  However, the maintainers do not always accept the Cygnus
patches.  Those patches which are accepted by the maintainers do
eventually become available for anonymous FTP.  There are some
packages which are maintained by Cygnus (binutils, gdb, egcs) in which
case there is no issue of maintainer acceptance.

Cygnus releases have never been available for anonymous FTP from
Cygnus.  Cygnus customers are of course free to put Cygnus releases of
libre software up for FTP.  To my knowledge, none have done so.