Subject: Re: Cygnus and proprietary software
From: Russell Nelson <>
Date: 22 Dec 1997 19:27:45 -0000 writes:
 > Cygnus releases have never been available for anonymous FTP from
 > Cygnus.  Cygnus customers are of course free to put Cygnus releases of
 > libre software up for FTP.  To my knowledge, none have done so.

That's very interesting.  Makes me wonder if you couldn't position and
market libre software in an identical manner to proprietary software?
The major risk, it seems to me, is that some of your customers might
feel misled.  Although, I guess you could minimize that risk with some
fine print on the back of the box: "The software enclosed in this box
is freely copyable."

There is, it seems, a difference between one's legal rights, and one's
moral rights in re freed software.  That might be the result of
careful selection of customers by Cygnus, or it might be the nature of
the customers that are attracted to Cygnus's software, or it might be
just dumb luck.

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