Subject: Re: Journal / Trade Mag?
From: Mitchell Baker <>
Date: Thu, 10 Mar 2005 11:53:18 -0800

Right.  And remember -- never trust the headlines! 


Robin 'Roblimo' Miller wrote:

>> Looks as if I may have spoke too soon:
>>    Mozilla's future under debate
>>    Renai LeMay, ZDNet Australia, 10 March 2005
>>    ZDNet Australia
>>    Development problems concerning the Mozilla Suite have led to some
>>    soul-searching in the Foundation, with some calling for Firefox to
>>    be spun off
> Let's hold our panic for a few days. Mitchell Baker is next week's 
> Slashdot interview victim... err.... guest. I'm sure she'll get at 
> least one or two questions about this rift, discussion, debate or 
> whatever it is, and that many other people involved with Moz and FF 
> development will chime in.
> Remember, one of the biggest good/bad points of FOSS development is 
> that this sort of discussion goes on in the open. Proprietary software 
> developers also have disagreements about where their product 
> development should go, but have them behind closed doors -- and clean 
> the blood from their conference room floors before they emerge to face 
> the cameras and pretend everybody is in perfect harmony.
> - Robin