Subject: Re: Software as a public service
From: "Stephen J. Turnbull" <>
Date: Mon, 16 May 2005 15:19:23 +0900

>>>>> "Frank" == Frank Hecker <> writes:

    Frank> In this sense open source/free software is actually viewed
    Frank> by some as a step backward as far as the US government is
    Frank> concerned: Why should the government want to modify the
    Frank> software it procures, or have a contractor do it? Isn't
    Frank> that what caused the whole problem in the first place? 
    Frank> (These are not my opinions, I hasten to add.)

Do you have a reference for this?  Everybody I know (not a
statistically valid sample ;-) either in the government or involved in
"Beltway banditry" is keenly aware of the private sector practices,
where consulting and customization is becoming the rule.  While there
are obvious advantages to customization by the original vendor, those
on either side of the fence see "with source" as a stick the
government can wield in negotiating contracts.

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