Subject: Focusing fsb debate
From: "Adam J. Richter" <>
Date: Sun, 28 Dec 1997 17:27:20 -0800

	There have been a number of argumentative postings to fsb
where the poster appears to have lost track of the thesis being
argued.  I will not embarrass anyone by citing examples.  Rather,
I want to propose something that will help reduce the problem.

	Please put the thesis that is being argued (either for or
against, that does not matter) in the subject line as debates form
or mutate.


		Microsoft has an operating systems monopoly
		Microsoft has a general software monopoly
		Micropayments will increase free software development

		GPL'ed software is good		("good" is ambiguous)

	This labeling should save readers time in at least three ways:

	1. It will help keep discussions focused.  This is not to say
	   that a tangential discussion will be suppressed, just that it
	   will be more clearly recognized within a thread or given
	   its own thread.

	2. It will help people select which threads they want to read
	   based on whether they are interested in the subject.  The
	   clarity of the subject line may also provide some indication
	   of whether the quality of the discussion will be worth reading.

	3. It will be easier to identify threads that should be moved
	   off of fsb to gnu.misc.discuss or elsewhere.

	I think this suggestion is only applicable to messages disputing
something previously stated.  I don't think that it is the best use
of the subject line for announcements, questions, requests for comments,
proposals, news items, etc.

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