Subject: Conference 2005
From: Louis Suarez-Potts <>
Date: Sat, 11 Jun 2005 09:44:51 -0700


The third international Conference, OOoCon 2005, will be
held in Koper-Capodistria, Slovenia, this year, from 28-30 September,
and you are invited! Promoted this year as a joint effort by the
Slovenian and Italian language projects, the conference
provides the opportunity for the community to meet the developers,
contributors, marketers, and others who are making one of
the most important open-source projects and products today.

If you have been thinking about coding for and want tips,
now is your chance; curious about's XML potential? Want
to write extensions? Plug ins? Then come to the conference!

Indeed if you are not technically minded but want to join a great
community come along and find out why so many people are switching to

We have posted the call for papers (CFP) and are soliciting
presentations from the general community (and then some)
for papers concerning the development of to its
marketing; from the global politics of free software to the
technicalities of localizing

To see all the tracks open and to obtain the template for submissions,
as well as to request travel assistance, visit:

* <>

250-word abstracts in English must be submitted to by 10 July 2005. We ask that you use our
template for your abstract. It can be found on the CFP page.

For more information, visit the OOoCon 2005 pages:

* <>

And to learn more about the lovely seaside city of Koper - Capodistria
(a bilingual community), see:

* <>


The Team

PS Pass this CFP along.