Subject: List charter/IP avoidance
From: Russell Nelson <>
Date: 29 Dec 1997 15:58:03 -0000

Brian J. Fox writes:
 >    Exploring business models that produce freely-redistributable software
 >    is what I thought fsb was about.  Perhaps I'm wrong.
 > I don't think that you are wrong.  But I do think that your approach
 > is non-viable, since it relies on the funder trusting the fundee's
 > ability to create great software -- something that hasn't been proven
 > yet in this case.

This list has several purposes:

1) a self-help group for people making a living off freely copyable software.
2) figuring out how to make megabucks off freely copyable software.

I hope people don't think I'm greedy from this last.  People are
making megabucks off proprietary software.  If they can't make
megabucks off freed software, they're not likely to switch
voluntarily.  If they're being peaceful with their proprietary
software, then we don't have much moral suasion to force them to

Interestingly, Don Lancaster advocates that individual inventors
eschew the patent system.  He even has a book <URL:> which explains how you can profit
off intellectual property without patents.  Has anyone read this book,
and can it apply to copyrights as well?

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