Subject: Re: Mozilla For Profit?
From: Seth Gordon <>
Date: Thu, 04 Aug 2005 09:04:24 -0400

J. David Boyd wrote:
> You can definitely create a corp without stockholders.
> I know several people who have started their own corps, and actually, I work
> for a company that is a corp, and we have no stockholders.
> I think having stockholders is what makes one a 'public' corporation, rather
> than private.

IANAL, but a little Googling turned up this FAQ 
(, which states that in 
most states, a single natural person can be the sole shareholder, 
director, president, and secretary of a corporation.

A "public" corporation, as I understand it, is one that the general 
public may buy and sell shares in.  My employer is not public, but it 
has stockholders--the various venture-capital firms that have invested 
in it.

> Dave
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