Subject: Re: GPL and FTP
From: Russell Nelson <>
Date: 30 Dec 1997 21:06:36 -0000

John Gilmore writes:
 > RMS's "no" was before the Internet had really caught on; perhaps the
 > same question might get a different answer now that the Internet is
 > pretty well assumed to be accessible by anyone who wants it.  If so,
 > then more people are likely to take the third prong of the GPL (ship
 > only binaries, but make source freely available to anyone who asks for
 > it).  I can't recall a single case of anyone using that third prong
 > before.  Motorola claimed to, in a port they did of gcc some years
 > ago, but in fact you couldn't get the source from them -- I tried.

There's bunches of packet driver suppliers who have done that: D-Link,
Accton, and Aironet, at very least.  Source is available from them,
but it usually not easy to get.  There are other packet driver
suppliers who did not abide by the GPL: Xircom, Persoft, and RAM
Mobile Data (although RAM ended up paying their pound of flesh) among
them.  I also heard of a Motorola slip8250 variant being distributed,
but I never got my hands on one of them.  And another vendor had a
packet driver which was VERY similar to mine but which he claimed was
independently developed.

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