Subject: RE: appliance-based business models
From: Rich Morin <>
Date: Mon, 24 Oct 2005 10:17:48 -0700

At 9:58 AM -0600 10/24/05, Anderson, Kelly wrote:
>As an example, if you set up a mini-mac, with an operating system, AND
>all of the open source software to successfully run a legal office, that
>would be an appliance. The lawyer doesn't have to be a super geek to
>FIND, INSTALL, CONFIGURE and BACKUP all of the software and it's data,
>he just sits down and uses the software because all he has to do is plug
>it in, and perhaps some custom control panel pops up. It may not be
>obvious that it's Linux or OSX or Windows. Kiosk software is typical of
>an appliance.

It may be that "appliance" implies more than I can provide.  Even if a
single set of software could handle all possible problems, differing
situations will require different solutions.  However, by having a set
of known tools on hand, the development of these solutions should be
eased and expedited.  I've thought about "workbench" as an alternative
term, but that doesn't have the HW/SW connotation.  Suggestions?

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