Subject: Re: Mass. Bill to Block OpenDocument Format Standard
From: "Stephen J. Turnbull" <>
Date: Sun, 06 Nov 2005 17:26:43 +0900

>>>>> "Laurent" == Laurent GUERBY <> writes:

    Laurent> 2/ The Ada standard was one of the only *freely*
    Laurent> available ISO standard for a (long) while (other have to
    Laurent> be paid for)

Hey, _everything_ has to be paid for.  The objection that people have
to ISO standards is that people who want to conform to them have to
help pay for them.  This is arguably dumb (it greatly increases the
probability that cheaper faster better software, aka free software,
will not conform), but ... somebody has to pay.

Also, in all cases that I've had a need for an ISO standard, I was
able to find either a free version (eg, many coded character set
definitions are word for word identical in their ECMA versions) or a
"final draft version" (C89, C99, and POSIX) online.

    Laurent> 4/ "good" and "success" are not correlated in the
    Laurent> commercial software market :)

C'mon, this is not Slashdot.  This is the Free Software Business list;
we all believe that quality has something to do with commercial

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