Subject: Hurd and GDB
From: Richard Stallman <>
Date: Thu, 1 Jan 1998 21:35:36 -0700

We are still working on the Hurd.  Nothing is happening at the moment,
because Thomas Bushnell is editing the GNU Libc manual, but he will go
back to the Hurd when that is done.  Miles Bader has left the FSF and
moved to Japan, so we would like to hire another programmer to work on
the Hurd.

Thus, finishing the GDB changes for the Hurd is still important.
Miles is still reachable by the net, though his memories of what he
wrote for GDB must be fading as time goes by.

In any case, a release of GDB is definitely needed.  That's what the
GDB maintainer's mission consists of--to put in more features as
needed, fix bugs, and make new releases of GDB which have these

I've tried writing to Stan Shebs a couple of times since September,
asking about the status, but didn't get a reply.  Stan, if you are
reading this, would you please get in touch?  Did you receive those