Subject: Re: Xdoom
From: Russell Nelson <>
Date: 2 Jan 1998 05:25:31 -0000

Richard Stallman writes:
 > Before people get too excited about Xdoom, let's check whether it is
 > really free software.  I recently got a message showing me
 > distribution terms that limit it to noncommercial use.

There's that four-letter word again, ``free''.  I'd rather not see it
in polite company, particularly with the word ``really'' in front of
it.  I recommend the word ``freed''.  Imagine if a piece of software
achieved sentience.  You would want that software to be freed, just
like slaves have been freed.  Roll it around on your tongue a few
times.  Let it escape your lips.  ``Freed software''.  In no time at
all it becomes perfectly natural to say, and is certainly less
confusing than the dual meaning ``free''.

Words.  They're the only thing standing between us and the other
tool-using animals.

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