Subject: Re: FSBs and mechanized documentation
From: "Stephen J. Turnbull" <>
Date: Sat, 11 Mar 2006 16:21:56 +0900

>>>>> "simo" == simo  <> writes:

    >> Of course it does.  An effective anti-circumvention mechanism
    >> is by definition one protected under the DMCA.  Under GPLv3,
    >> you must forgo that protection, and therefore such use is
    >> prohibited.

    simo> Copying is protected under copyright law, by choosing the
    simo> GNU GPL (any version) you choose to let anyone copy your
    simo> work. IT is about the rights you choose _not_ to enforce by
    simo> choosing this license.

So what?  Your second sentence is true of _all_ licenses.  The first
one is true of a wide variety of clearly "proprietary" licenses, as
well as of all "no-commercial-use" licenses.  What do you think you've

    simo> It's not a kind of further restriction IMO.

If it's not a restriction, they should take it out of the license,
because it's meaningless.  Or show how it is a consequence of other
terms in the license, thus clarifying both the intent and meaning of
those other terms.

I think it's intended as a restriction.

    simo> Well, if you want to play with words you're free to do it
    simo> all you want, I think you and others understood perfectly
    simo> what I meant an what was my point. :-)

I understand what you think your point is; my point is that it depends
on a contradiction prima facie.  If you want to be taken seriously by
those who *don't* drink your Kool-Aid---and isn't that what we're all
here for?---you need to present definitions that are internally

    simo> Well let me decide whether my opinions stand correct or
    simo> not. Personally, as a GNU GPL user, I welcome the v3
    simo> provisions. They defend my rights against thieves as I call
    simo> people that try all the way to use my works by trying to
    simo> circumvent the license I choose.

"Your" works?  Why, you're starting to sound like a proprietor!

Of course, I consider that a perfectly valid reason to use the GPL, or
GPLv3: because you want to enforce your will with respect to your

    simo> [DRMs] are effective in denying freedom to the vast majority
    simo> of users.

You simply don't know that.  It's quite possible that the vast
majority of users would freely choose to submit to such restrictions,
if the alternative were that they had to give up their Windows and Mac
boxes and use Linux instead.  In fact, if you believe that
representative democracy means anything at all, in the U.S. they did.

And after all, they are free to choose GNU versions of (much of) the
software they'd like to use, unencumbered by DRM.

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